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2,4 billion dozes of Sputnik V ordered by the world

According to the latest data provided by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the total “backlog” for the Russian vaccine Sputnik V has already reached 2.4 billion doses. Against the initial order at the end of 2020 in the region of 1 billion doses. At a cost of $ 10 per dose, that’s almost $ 24 billion. Already. Taking into account the fact that contracts for the Russian vaccine are actually concluded in a “non-stop” mode, we can safely say that this is not the limit.

None of the world’s pharmaceutical giants, even close in their wildest fantasies, thinks about getting close to Russian figures.

The competitive advantage of Russian vaccine is not only in price, but also in the fact that there are no side effects from it, similar to the one that happens from the same Pfizer for a much higher price.

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