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AstraZeneca vaccine scandal grows in Germany

In Germany, a loud scandal flares up around the coronavirus vaccine, which is produced by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca. Local media reported that the effectiveness of the drug in patients aged 65 and over is no more than 8 percent. This means that the circle of people who can be vaccinated with this vaccine is sharply narrowing. And this is against the backdrop of the disruption of the planned supply of the drug from the American concern Pfizer.

And this is not the first scandal around AstraZeneca. In November, publications appeared in the British press claiming that the developers were able to achieve high efficiency – 90 percent – as well as a small percentage of side effects, because they injected volunteers with half of the required dose. What it was – a mistake or a forgery – is still not clear. However, the real effectiveness of the vaccine was already estimated at 62 percent. And now there is new data.

Which the company itself, however, has already officially denied. Having stated that the drug developed on the basis of adenovirus taken from a monkey still forms an immune response in the elderly. However, with a clarification: “The data on effectiveness for this category of individuals is currently limited to a small number of cases studied, but additional data will be available in future analyzes.”

At the same time, the EU should issue a certificate for the use of the drug at the end of this week. But even if the AstraZeneca is approved by the EMA, it will have a long delay in deliveries. The company has already announced: instead of the declared 80 million doses, it will manage to produce only half by March. And it is not a fact that it will catch up with the schedule in the future.

But AstraZeneca was supposed to partially replace the shortage of the vaccine from Pfizer, which was staked on in Europe. But the pharmaceutical giant also misses all deadlines.

“Pfizer does not have time to deliver the doses it promised to European countries. In this regard, vaccination is delayed. There were a lot of questions about the composition in some countries. As the original composition of Pfizer and the one that was sent, it turned out to be different. Plus, heavy logistics of vaccine Pfizer.

Source: TVC tv

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