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What do you have to do with the tooth paste???

Today you are placing on your site nobody, including you, knows what. You are a site, dedicated let’s say to jazz, but google ads is putting on your advertising space a banner with tooth paste…This comes as a big dissonance with content of your site. What you have to do with the tooth paste, or spaghetti, or milk, or….??? Placing of this advertising is supposed to make money for you….But it does not! Visitors of your site came here to read about JAZZ and are NOT clicking on banner. So, IT DOES NOT MAKE NEITHER SENSE, NO MONEY. As a result you waste a useful place on your site on completely useless banners, which are annoying visitors. That is why majority of them are simply switching OFF advertising in their browsers.

Megatiket offers to you completely different scenario!

MEGATIKET is placing it self on the market as the most effective marketing and advertising channel, offering first of all different channels of advertising. Second we offer to our clients the right targeting. That is why we will list your site in our data base with not only presentation of it, but also with type of AUDIENCE you are aiming to. As a result promoters, organizing let’s say jazz event will choose you as one of the sites where they will be interested to place their banner. Good for them and not bad for you! You will have advertising oriented on your targeted audience, plus will make content more interesting!


We will issue to you a monitoring code, which should be installed into your web, as it is done with Google. We will give you access to your account, where you will see reports about your traffic, as it is done with the same Google. From this point of view we will make you safe and comfortable. And then we will pay for traffic generated from your site, as …. you know who… Except we will be placing appropriate banners on your site, which will be interesting for your visitors, as a result our cooperation will work better! In terms of money we do not offer skies, but Google also is not promising to you anything. It probably does not know about your existence… But if you want, you can keep close to us a tooth paste from them… Why not?

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