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Partner clinics of Sputniktrip for vaccination

Below are tabs for partner clinics, with which we have signed agreements. Some of tabs are empty – that means we in the process of finishing negotiations with them and soon there will a name and description of it. Come more often to this page and you will find more. If some of clinics would be interested to participate in Sputniktrip program, please, register on on this page and we will contact you!

Do not forget, our clients, that we choose only first class facilities with best specialists and here, while visiting clinic for vaccination you can also receive help with other deceases

Clinics in Russian Federation.

At the moment services in Russian clinics are available only to Russian citizens, which are living abroad and who have valid Russian passports.

In the next few days you will see here more clinics! We are working hard on adding them to the offer! At the moment you can look at description of one of clinics we offer:

Megaevent s.r.o. have signed agreement about vaccination services with Roitberg clinics, based in the center of Moscow.

Medicina JSC (Academician Roitberg’s Clinic) is the first clinic in Russia that has confirmed its compliance with Joint Commission International (JCI) international quality standards for medical care four times in a row for nine years.

In 2020, Medicina JSC – one of the few clinics in the world – underwent the JCI re-crediting procedure in an online format in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The video inspection was carried out using a mobile mini-video station with the participation of a team of international experts from Belgium, Singapore and the USA.

Clinics has the most modern equipment and perfect facilities, located in the center of Moscow

  • 70 000 благодарных пациентов. 70 000 grateful patients a year
  • 350+ высококлассных врачей. 350+ highly qualified doctors
  • 66+ мед. cпециальностей 66+ medical specialties. So, by visiting clinic you can not only vaccinate, but also get help with the other deseases at the same time
  • Personal in this cllinic speaks English. Russian is native.

Package for Kaliningrad, which will include vaccination, hotel and other necessary services will be loaded on 17 – 18 of March 2021! Come here more often!

Clinics in Saint-Petersburg will be placed on this page together with accommodation offers on 17 – 18 of March 2021. We are working hard on it. Visit this page on those dates and you will know more!