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Don’t miss the hot offer!

To Buyers:

There are things you’ve been waiting for for a long time: Black Friday, seasonal bargains, St. Patrick’s, women’s days sales and many other attractive events. But how do you attend these events if it’s far from your home or you don’t have time or you haven’t yet received a salary?
Visit the Megatiket.com pages more often and you will be able to purchase vouchers, invitations, tickets, registrations and other virtual participation tools at these events. The store issues a voucher for the Grand Opening. Print it and come! Then you won’t miss the event. And you will visit this shop at the appropriate time – with friends or family.

To Marketing specialists:

It’s hard to navigate the flow of different offerings. You give a discount on solar lamps in an internet banner to those who don’t have a house outside so they don’t read it. If a properly targeted group finally reads your ad, it will be in their outdoor house at that time and will not go to your store to realize your offer… As a result, no one will be happy in your “Happy hours” hours, or they will not buy a discounted solar lamp. Because people who might be interested in your product have not received or received your offer, but cannot participate for various reasons.

As a result, all your marketing efforts will be useless…

We recommend that you use www.mega-reklama.com to post your ad to targeted groups. Here you will find specialized medias that will target suitable groups. Plus issue virtual discount vouchers, invitations, registrations. Megatiket.com has all the necessary technological solutions to support your products. If you would like to check issued by your company tickets and vouchers, we will give you such an option and you will be able to control it using your mobile phones. We can also give you access to online reporting system so you’ll be able to see – there are visitors coming to your event or not.