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What to do in San Marino?

Fist of all in San Marino the most interesting is San Marino itself! It is unique and the most old state in Italy. Not a lot of people know that it was founded in accordance with Vikipedia, on 3 September 301. So, it exists more then 1720 years… Not a lot if any of countries have such a biography! The name of the mountain is Titano – in Latin language it means something of enormous size or power!

In addition to vaccination with Sputnik V, vaccine # 1 in world, which you will get in San Marino, you need to know that it is located very close to the Adriatic sea – only 10 kilometers… So you can go to the beach and visit very nice and beautiful neighboring towns and cities. Sea food in restaurants, nice walks, relaxing promenades…. As a result San Marino will not seem so small as it seems from the first glance!

Plus San Marino is a gem in Italian crown. Check what it can offer!!!

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