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Incubator of vaccines!

As we wrote, there are 3 vaccines developed, tested and registered against Covid in Russian Federation! They are on different platforms and are aimed at different age and health level humans. So, if will take a Sputniktrip, it does not mean that you will get injection of only Sputnik V. Doctors will examine you and will select the best appropriate medicine..

In Serbia is happening a mass vaccination and people can choose between Chinese, American or European vaccines. Ambassador in Russian Federation Miroslav Lazansky said:

«In Serbia 85% of people would like to get only Sputnik V». Medical personal, which is on daily basis dealing with patients of this disease said that 90% of them want only Russian vaccine.

In Israel also is taking place a mass vaccination. Due to a special relationship between this country and USA, they have got a lot of dozes for vaccination of Pfizer. Results are the following:

240 Israelis found with COVID after vaccination, underscoring need for vigilance

So there was understandable concern that Pfizer vaccine might not be as effective as reported.

We are getting a lot of negative stories about the other vaccines and do not want to publish all of them here. World audience hears those news too, that is why they want Russian vaccines, which is adjusted to fight with all new and growing mutations of Virus.

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