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The company

Megaevent s.r.o. is a private, limited liability company, registered in Prague, Czech Republic. See registration info at Commercial court of Prague.

Initial investment in the company is 200 000 CZK and it was done by founder of the company, Andrej Konstantinov.

The founder and previous projects.

The founder was specializing for the last 35 years on implementation of new technologies and modern reservation principles. In particular, In 90-th of the previous century Andrej Konstantinov was senior Vice President of GTS, a leading telecommunications company, built from start up into multi billion enterprise. GTS was replacing analogue telecom lines and devices into digital ones in Russian Federation and Europe. Next project was a hotel reservation system, which allowed small and medium size hotels in Europe to get a modern booking system, similar to www.booking.com. The system itself was built by us and implemented in many hotels and hostels all over Europe. The last project Andrej Konstantinov was working on was on-line ticketing system, called Ticketstream. It was using own built platform and was selling about a 1 million tickets a year only in Czech Republic. This company was also selling other remarkable events in Europe, such as Olympic Games in Athens, Eurovision song contest, Grand Prix in Brno (300 000 visitors from Europe) and many others.

Location of the company

Megaevent s.r.o. is located at one of prestigious parts of Prague, at Prague 2. Close to metro and historical center of the city. It has own entrance, so clients can easily come to the office.

Current project

Our new project is dedicated to fight with Coronavirus with Sputnik V – first in the word registered in Russian Federation vaccine against this disease. Project is built in 2 stages: now we want a Russian community, which is living in Europe and has valid Russian passports to participate in mass vaccination, which in full is going in Russian Federation. Our company is taking care of logistical and legal aspect of supporting this group of clients. At the same time we opened a waiting list for Europeans and living in Europe nations with idea of sending them to vaccination in the nearest future. At the moment our company is negotiating with 4 countries about hosting this process.

Investment opportunities

Since Sputniktrip project was started in emergency, initiated by catastrophic spread of COVID, we were using maximum of our efforts to bring it to life. For further development we are looking for partners and colleagues, investors.

There are 2 investments types we are looking for:

  • Investment in kind, profit sharing.
  • Investment in cash

Investment in kind assumes no cash involved. Partner should help us in promotion and logistics of the project using own resources. In particular, media companies can help us in advertising and in case of purchase of our services, media company will get commission. In logistics and processing of bookings we are looking for cooperation with travel agencies which can help us with human power and professional support. Of course, for their efforts we are ready to share profits.See affiliate program. Register as affiliate and start earning today!

Investment in cash is also welcomed. In this case we can discuss ownership in the company and other ways of fund investments. For this please, complete the form below and then we will be able to discuss opportunities.

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