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Russian version

Our company is specializing in on-line advertising. The goal is to offer targeted on specific audience advertising tools. In another words to make advertising bringing money rather then being an useless expense. For this was developed specific technology and it was used in many projects and proved to be cost-effective and effective.
Today topic of the world is COVID 19. In Europe, as all you know, fight with this desease ended up with rude administration and full abcense of clear concept of fight game plan against it. Vaccines, on which European authorities were counting proved not to be effective, are expensive and practically impossible for mass distribution.
Our company was the first which offered Russian Sputnik V vaccine on European market. Reaction in both cases was negative: Europe at that time did not consider Sputnik V as a real medicine. Russian authorities also took an offensive position.You can read more about succesfull positioning of this medicine on our Posts.

Time changed positions.

Today Victor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister, who was the first to bring Sputnik V to his country and who was sharply criticized in Europe for this few months ago is not considered as somebody who violated something. Now it’s opposite – all in Europe are complimenting to him for his sharp move. In Russia authorities applied for registration in Europe of Sputnik V with idea of further distribution of it here.

You can read more about successful positioning of this medicine on our Posts.
After initial press announcements we received a lot of requests to make a Sputniktrip from people. But, since we did not get support from European authorities and from Russian authorities, we paused the project.
But situation in Europe became even worse. More infected people, more dead. So, we have restarted this project again. We are intensiveley are talking to different organizations, clinics, other people involved in real fight. And project now is moving into a practical direction, so people will be able in Europe to get a vaccine #1 and finally to start fighting with COVID and protect our lives.