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Prezident of Czechia said that he had the promised Sputnik V vaccine from Putin.

President Milos Zeman has promised a delivery of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine against covid-19 from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, CNN Prima News reported on Saturday night. According to television, Zeman asked the Russian president for her in a letter in agreement with Prime Minister Andrei Babiš (YES).

“If I am properly informed, this request will be granted, but of course we will need certification,” Zeman said. “SÚKL (Local medical authority) certification would be enough for me,” he added.

Last week, Zeman spoke in favor of the so-called Hungarian vaccination route, said Pirates chairman Ivan Bartoš after a meeting with him. Hungary and Serbia have purchased Sputnik without the approval of the European authorities and are vaccinating with it.

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