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Vaccination Tourism Regulation to San Marino

Vaccination Tourism Regulation to San Marino

This regulation shall set out the implementing provisions for the Vaccination Tourism initiative
referred to in point 3 of the Congress of State Decision No. 1 of 26 April 2021.
Art. 2
(Requirements for vaccination)

Individuals joining the Vaccination Tourism initiative will be inoculated with Sputnik V vaccine.

People aged between 18 and 84 who are not identified as being clinically vulnerable shall be
eligible for the initiative.

Before the administration of the vaccine, doctors will perform the classification of people as being
clinically vulnerable, thus excluded from vaccination with Sputnik V, by means of a medical
history form to be filled by informants assuming responsibility for the information provided.

In the event of a contraindication, vaccination will not be carried out.

In the case referred to in paragraph 4, no reimbursement will be made.

Only persons not resident in Italy and allowed to enter and move in San Marino according to the
law in force may join this initiative.

The cost of the vaccination shall be €50.00 (fifty/00) to be paid at the time of the first vaccination
regardless of whether one or two doses will be administered, according to the current vaccination
Art. 3

To join the Vaccination Tourism initiative, people shall book two stays for at least three nights
each, with no less than 21 days and no more than 28 days in between the two stays.

Vaccine shall be administered on the day of arrival or the following day, so that tourists shall
stay at least two consecutive nights in San Marino after vaccination.

The first night shall not fall on a Saturday or, except as provided in paragraph 4, on a public

Arrivals on a Friday or a public holiday shall be before 12:00 (noon) in order for tourists to be
vaccinated by the same day.
Art. 4
(Accommodation facilities)

The accommodation facilities falling into the following categories may join the Vaccination
Tourism initiative:
a) Hotels;
b) Residential hotels;
c) Open-air accommodation facilities;
d) Hostels;
e) Religious accommodation facilities;
f) Guest houses and inns;
g) Holiday farms;
h) Bed & Breakfast,
provided that they have 24-hour reception services.

If the facilities referred to in paragraph 1 do not offer a 24-hour reception service, in order to
join the Vaccination Tourism initiative, they shall adopt measures to offer such a service also
by providing the telephone number of a person who will be available 24 hours in case of need.

The telephone number referred to in paragraph 2 shall be communicated in advance to the
Tourism Board, by sending an e-mail to the following address (marketing.turismo@pa.sm),
indicating in the subject line “participation in the vaccination tourism initiative” within 3 days
of the date of publication of this regulation for the purpose of authorising participating facilities
to receive bookings. The list of authorised accommodation facilities will be published by the
third working day after the deadline for application mentioned above by the Tourist Board on
the page of the website www.visitsanmarino.com dedicated to Vaccination Tourism.

The accommodation facilities joining this initiative shall communicate within the same
deadline referred to in paragraph 3, to the email address mentioned in Article 5, paragraph 5,
the contact person for relations with the Social Security Institute.

This initiative shall not be combined with the San Marino Holiday Voucher initiative pursuant
to Regulation no. 5 of 29 March 2021 “New regulation implementing Decree-Law no. 220 of 22
December 2020 – Measures to promote tourist flows and support accommodation facilities”.
Art. 5

Reservations shall be made through direct contact with the chosen accommodation at least
seven days before arrival.

At the time of reservation, the accommodation manager shall request guests to provide a copy
of an identity document and a document certifying residence, if this is not apparent from the
identity document.

The accommodation manager, having checked that the requirements regarding the age group
and place of residence are met, shall confirm the reservation for both stays.

When confirming reservations, the facility manager shall also inform people of the applicable
provisions regarding entry and movement in San Marino.

After the confirmation of the reservation, the accommodation manager shall notify it to the
Social Security Institute at the email address vax@iss.sm, indicating the dates of arrival and
departure for both stays, and attaching the identity and residence documents received.

For statistical purposes, the accommodation facility will have to select “vaccination tourism” as
the reason for the trip in the “Web-Accommodation” system.
Art. 6
(Changes to the reservation)

Any change to the reservation shall be subject to the availability of the accommodation facility,
which will also check the possibility to make a new booking for vaccination.

In the event of a change of the second stay date, if this does not allow the second dose to be
inoculated within the time limits laid down in Article 3, paragraph 1, the Social Security Institute
shall reserve the right not to inoculate the second dose.

Should the accommodation manager be unable to fulfil a confirmed reservation, it shall be their
responsibility to make a new booking in another accommodation facility of the same or higher
category. Any surcharge will be borne by the facility that fails to fulfil its commitment.

In the event that the second dose is not inoculated, no refund shall be due to the tourist from the
Social Security Institute.
Art. 7

On the day of the tourist’s arrival, the accommodation manager shall inform the Social Security
Institute in writing at the e-mail address referred to in Article 5, paragraph 5.

Together with the confirmation of arrival, the accommodation manager shall also send a scan of
the certificate attesting to the negative result of a coronavirus molecular swab test taken during
the last 48 hours before the tourist’s entry into San Marino or arrival at the accommodation, in
accordance with the rules in force.
Art. 8

Vaccination services shall be usually provided from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Before receiving the first or single dose of the vaccine, according to the current vaccination plan,
tourists shall pay €50.00 (fifty/00) at the SSI dedicated counters.

Tourists vaccinated with both doses or with the single dose, in accordance with the current
vaccination plan, will be issued with a certificate of vaccination.

After inoculation of the first of the two scheduled doses, a certificate shall be issued stating that
the dose has been administered.
Art. 9

The website www.visitsanmarino.com will be used to advertise the initiative through its
dedicated page.

Participating facilities shall be allowed to promote the initiative through their own
communication systems.
Art. 10
(Final provisions)

The provisions of this regulation shall take effect and remain in force until 31 August 2021,
unless stocks of vaccine are exhausted before that date