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Sell advertising with us. It will pay back!

MEGATIKET offers incredible opportunities to you , which never before were offered by anybody
We are on-line.

We all know how difficult is to order any advertising. You need to wait for a secretary to answer, then you have to wait for a director to come, because only him or her can announce to you a price for advertising… You do not know if they have a space for your advertising… And then you have to produce it, but how to make a banner…? All those questions are standing in front of your client, dear advertisers! WE SELL ON-LINE! AS PIZZA, OR PRODUCTS FROM SUPERMARKET! The same way we will be selling your product whatever it is.

Cross sales.

Basically advertising is a difficult product for systematizing. Too many parameters. But we have built technology, which allows to put on line any advertising type – hard street banners, or stickers on trams, or radio spots. And we would like to offer your products to our clients without waiting, straight. But we would like to share our technology with you, so you can put on your pages not a telephone number or e-mail, but a booking on-line module.This will make your life easier and will shorten way of your clients to you. Register on our pages and we will discuss how to do that with your product, plus we will train your staff how to work with on-line reports, which you will be getting straight to your phone or computer.

Stronger marketing

You have a marketing department, which itself costs a lot. Plus you pay for advertising of your advertising… And as a result of all these efforts you offer to your clients to call or send e-mail… And clients have t act as described – see the beginning of this article… If you have on-line sales you can reduce your marketing and not effective forces, you can jointly market with us and to offer to clients easy and comfortable way to order your product. The last argument is that you will be able to use all the benefits of on-line sales – hot offers of unsold capacity, big campaigns and all others, what electronic market is offering…

Register as vendor and you increase sales!