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Sell events with us!

You will not get the same package anywhere else. Only from MEGATIKET.

It does not matter if you are organizing concerts of Elton John or seasonal sales of garden instruments… What really matters is: if clients will come to your event and how many? The third important criteria is what kind of visitors will come? Are they interested in purchasing of your product?

Main and the top question which appears in front of promoter: where to advertise? Which media will bring real clients? And here are the options you have: posters, bill/big boards and other city advertising…
Will anybody see your posters? Big question… Then if not city advertising, maybe to try other options? And here are your options to choose:
Those are good channels for advertising. But what kind of budget you have for this….? Budget as usual is limited, especially in the beginning… .
Only at MEGATIKET you can composite your advertising package ! Since we are on-line, you can select and combine different products and pricing in one place and as a result create acceptable package for the right audience and money.
PLUS you can choose a ticketing system for sales or invitation distribution for your event! It’s not expensive, plus you will be monitoring on-line if clients will come and how many. Price for such systems is miserable. You need to register as a vendor, set up an account and we will send to you the information form for loading your event to the system! Before doing this please, take a look at our DEMO.

Take a look at our demo!

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