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MEGATIKET.COM is a channel of events and discounts. MEGA discounts! You will get a discount by already visiting our website and buying some of our products.

But! With MT Payless cards you will pay even less!

How does it work? For example, you buy such a card for CZK 1,000, but you only pay 950 for it. After that, you will be able to buy products and pay for them with a card, but you will be able to spend not 950, which you paid for the purchase of the card, but spend all 1000 CZK!

In this way works the so-called Cashback, when the seller promises to return some commission for your purchase. Who will give you back the money, how and when … It’s a great miracle! And usually nothing comes back …

In the case of a MT Payless card you will have your savings upfront, without waiting, clean and clear!.

Because you’ve de facto opened a credit account with us. You’ll have an account! You’ll see how much you spend and save, add more money to your account, and generally run that account like a regular credit account! You can always know your balance and see the transaction history online: just visit the page and you will know. In addition, this folder is added to the client profile, so you can also see it online.

Keep your card in the phone and pay from the phone! Or we can send you a printed card!

MT Payless card has better functionality when you keep it in the phone. You click on Redeem, will get to our shop and can do shopping. On the other hand our cards are nice and you may desire to have it printed. Buy a printed one and will send it to you. (There will be admin. fees since we will make not a lot of cards, but only your, specific!) We will process the card in 1 – 2 weeks and will send it to you address.

Add money to your credit card

We are adding more and more products to our system and you can use your Payless card for a long time – after entering your card number you will be able to add more money to your card and buy more products. You can keep this card on your phone and make payments directly from here, you will not be afraid of robbery, because your amount is limited and can not be used for nothing, but only for use in our system.

There is one more way to save money!

If you are going to exchange oil in your vehicle or on a motorcycle, buy the necessary oil at Megatiket.com and take it with you to auroservis! In this case, you will pay only for the service, for the work done. Plus, you will know that you bought the best oil at the best price!

If you want, you can cancel this Payless card and we will refund the rest to you. The difference from the usual loan is that in the banks you pay to bank to open the loan. In the case of PAYLESS MT cards we pay you! And finally: you can give a gift to your friends or loved ones: buy and send them a Payless card and they will be able to buy some of our events with this card!

Don’t wait, buy a card and start saving money with us!