Sputniktrip. Sputnik V. Vaccine. Covid.

There were several reasons to restart Sputniktrip for vaccination with #1 vaccine in the world, which is called Sputnik V.
On this day, for example, 17.02.2021 there were around 12 000 infected with Covid in Czech Republic. And on the same day there were around 12 000 infected in Russian Federation. Compare sizes and you will see the size of disaster, which is burning in Europe.
What is Sputnik V? This is the first in the world registered in Russia vaccine against Covid. It is very effective and long lasting protecting against this virus and against different newly appeared mutations of it such as “British”, “SouthAfrican” and others. More about it at

The second reason for arranging Sputniktrips was a full absence of any viable program of fighting with virus, except closing restaurants, bars, barber shops. How many tears and losses owners of small and medium size businesses had? Rude administration was only creating problems rather then healing the illness.
So, we needed to do anything to change the situation and we were the first in Europe, who initiated this project. You can see videos and articles about it.

Who will go on Sputniktrip and where?

 Initially we offer trips for Europeans, which have a double citizenship and have a valid Russian passport. There is no discrimination or other form of non equality in such preferences. Russian government put a goal first to vaccinate with vaccine, produced in Russia it’s own citizens. And at the moment mass vaccination is in full operations. Ex-patriots who have valid passports of Russian Federation and are living in Europe are eligible, so they can go to Russian Federation without visas and get vaccinated.
At the same time we have created a waiting list for the other Europeans, which also will be able to visit RF in the nearest future, when there will be available more medicine. Production in Russia of it is increasing, in February was achieved about a 10 million injections/month and soon other nations will be able to go there and get vaccinated.

How expensive is to take a Sputniktrip?

  1. Sputniktrip to Moscow and S-Petersburg. It’s relevantly expensive, because client has to pay for 2 round trips to Moscow or S-Petersburg, medical services and accommodation. All trips are planned on individual basis and we with our partners will do our best to make medical trip not expensive. As example, some organizations in Europe are offering: vaccination in Thailand for 5 thousand US dollars , one European tour agency offers trip for vaccination up to 770 thousand CZK (35 000 Euros)! We are aiming to have a budget to Moscow or SP not more then 1,5 – 2 thousand Euros with the highest quality of all services.
  2. Economical trips to Russia. We understand, that not all our clients will find monies for expensive trips, so we have created less expensive trips to Kaliningrad. It’s a part of Europe, so get there our clients can or by own transportation, or get a bus/minibus or with private driver. All of those options will be offered to you after choosing the trip type, individually. If you would like to spend few nights in this nice city, we will offer to you both accommodation and program. See what you will see!

Only Sputnik?

Russia has created in total 3 vaccines. All of them were well tested and are aimed on different ages and body conditions. Some people have diabetes, or other illnesses, some are allergic. After qualified examination you will get the vaccine, which will be the best for you. And! Research and development is continuing and there are types of vaccines, which can fight new mutations, are good for small children or really older seniors. At the moment is in the final stages of testing so called Lite Sputnik – it’s only one injection, which does not give long protection, but gives you a shield for 6 months, which is good sometime, especially at this really catastrophic situation as is in Europe. More about new developments:

How much I will pay in advance in total?

Planning Sputniktrip at those hard times, when boarders are closing/opening, politicians change their minds every day is a difficult task. We will charge you so called booking fee in the range of 100 Euros. Then will start scheduling and we will be connecting flights with internal schedules of clinics, private trips also should be planned – you need to come in time since doctors will be waiting for you. Here you will pay per approved and agreed with you segment. Prices will be public, so you can control them via Internet. What ever you will approve – this you will pay.